Fast Food Wedding Packages at McDonald’s

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Tuesday, fast food chain McDonald’s said it is offering to host weddings in three of its branches in Hong Kong. Reservations are now being taken for parties of 50 to 100 people from January 1.

Price range for parties are expected to run on the hundreds and not thousands of US dollars. One feature includes a McDonald’s apple pie wedding cake. However, McDonald’s is not licensed to provide alcoholic beverages therefore the couple must come up with their own permit. These branches will be the first to ever host wedding ceremonies, engagement parties and wedding anniversary parties.

“Many Hong Kong couples met or had their first dates at McDonald’s”, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s said according to the Earth Times. “That makes it particularly meaningful and memorable to hold a wedding party there.”

There are now more than 200 branches in Hong Kong alone. McDonald’s as a brand is viewed differently all over the world. Perhaps these Hong Kong couples are more likely to have a wedding in a McDonald’s than US couples.

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