Fat Lady Gaga Steps Out in Her Most Ridiculous Outfit Ever

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Fat or thin, Lady Gaga never fails to make an absurd spectacle of herself. The now porcine Mother Monster was spotted out and about recently clad in what can only be described as a fat suit made of some indeterminate material. But why the fat suit? Isn’t she fat enough? Is she trying to say in her typically over-the-top and utterly misguided way that it’s O.K. to be fat? And seriously, does anybody care anymore?

On September 22, Stefani Germanotta went for a stroll wearing a “wacky pink and blue get up…with electric blue platform boots and a pair of bizarre sunglasses, on the way to her concert in Paris…” The “Poker Face” One’s ridiculous–er–eccentric costume has been described as resembling “an over-sized fat suit.” It has also been suggested that perhaps La Gemanotta wore the weird get-up to hide her weight gain. Duh. Isn’t that sort of like hiding the elephant in the room by seating another elephant in front of it? The lady may be boring, annoying, and talentless, but she’s not stupid.

Here’s another theory. Could it be that poor Stefani wasn’t getting enough attention so she decided to gain twenty-five pounds. She turns into a tub, and suddenly, all the world’s spotlights are trained on her again. Now, she’ll strut around in fat suits or waddle around in bikinis for a while–all of which will garner more headlines. Then she’ll lose the weight, and no doubt come out with a diet book and/or work out video which her Little Monsters will dutifully buy along with her black perfume. What’s it called? Lame?

She’s nothing if not predictable. And successful. More power to her. Hopefully, she’ll soon have enough money to retire.

P. T. Barnum would be proud.

Click here to see a photo of Lady Barnum–er–Lady Gaga in her latest weird incarnation.

Photo source: Zimbio

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