Fate of Two and a Half Men Relies Solely on Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is in control of the fate and future of Two and a Half Men.

It seems that Sheen is not only the show’s top paid star, but that he essentially is the show. Recent reports out are saying that Charlie Sheen is completely in control of Two and a Half Men’s fate. If he should leave for any reason, the show will cease to exist.

CharlieSheenMarch2009According to TMZ, if Sheen leaves out of anger, frustration or just simply because he’s grown tired of the show, his role will not be cast and Warner Bros will halt production of any further episodes.

The fact that the show won’t let Charlie return to work now is not boding well for its future, nor is the fact that he’s beyond pissed that half of the episodes have been nixed for this season.

As angry as he is, it’d seem that the costars and crew would be angrier with him. First of all, it’s his fault that they are taking such a large pay cut and not getting those extra four episodes filmed. In addition to that, he single handedly controls the show’s fate. It doesn’t seem like that’s much of a job security for anyone affiliated with the show. The crew has braced themselves for the worst possible outcome despite the show being set to resume shooting on February 28.

Where does all this leave the show’s fans? Right now they, like the show’s crew and stars, are in a state of limbo. What happens next could very well determine if Two and a Half Men will see another run next season.

What do you think? Will the show survive this season and make it to next season? Is the show dying a slow, painful death? Weigh in below.

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