Father Gets 10 Years for Putting Baby in a Freezer and Closing the Door

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Putting his baby in a freezer gets an Arizona father 10 years in prison. Saying the floor was too dirty; the man put the 7-month old boy on a shelf in the freezer and closed the door so he could prepare something to eat. The mother was sentenced to lifetime probation.

Thankfully, Chance Kracke opened the freezer door after it dawned on him the baby was crying. The 25-year-old father pleaded guilty to two counts of felony child abuse. He was also sentenced to lifetime probation by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Gottsfield. Kranke admitted to being high on methamphetamine when he came up with the idea of putting the little boy in the freezer of his Chandler, Arizona apartment kitchen.

Meth logic and parenting many times leads to a child death; however, in this case the child survived with only a large lump to his head from the freezer door. The childÂ’s grandmother called police because the large size of the lump on the childÂ’s head. The childÂ’s mother, Leann Kracke age 26, was sentenced to lifetime probation. She had told investigators that her husband threatened to harm her if she told police about the incident

Methamphetamine addiction is at epidemic proportions in this country. It destroys the life of the addict and causes pain and misery to those around them. Just as this man put his baby in a freezer, the drug causes the most unbelievable stupidity. Children should be taken away from any parent found to use this drug. The addiction seems almost impossible to get under control and these people need very serious professional help. However, in our society we wait until they are caught breaking the law and then we just lock them up with a whole collection of dysfunctional criminals and never address the real problem.

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