Father of Ayla Reynolds is Hiding Something — Wants ‘Immunity’ for What?

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The father of Ayla Reynolds is reportedly seeking “immunity” from police regarding the so called “abduction” of his daughter. This case just keeps getting stranger with each day that passes, and it certainly seems that Justin Dipietro is subconsciously releasing “tells” in this case. At least that’s what one commentator thinks.

This commentator brought up some interesting points which should be analyzed pertaining to the things that Justin Dipietro has been saying. Most recently he expressed that he wanted police to give the “kidnapper” immunity so they can just get Ayla Reynolds home safe and alive. What parent would want “immunity” from police for anyone who took their child? Unless, of course, the child is alive and with someone they know for reasons pertaining to a custody battle? That could be a likely scenario, but it’s also highly unlikely considering the blood belonging to the child in the basement of the Dipietro home.

Indeed it seems that the more Justin Dipietro opens his mouth, the more psychological tells come forward. Perhaps this is just being over-analytical, but a father begging for “someone” to have “immunity” to police regarding his daughter who has been missing since December seems to be begging for leniency for himself. Perhaps he is weighing the options in his mind that he may have available if he were to finally reveal what the detectives are waiting for in this investigation. Remember that the detectives on this case have publicly acknowledged that Justin Dipietro and the other adults in the Dipietro home are withholding information.

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