Fats: Use Spreads

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Fats: Use Spreads

There has been a lot of recent media attention devoted to dietary fats. This has provided us, the public, with a lot of information about healthy food choices. Many people however are still unsure about which buttery spreads & margarines are really good choices for them in their diets. There are a number of spreads on the market now that have been specifically formulated with good heart-health in mind.

Tips for Spread Users:
Choose spreads with very little or preferably zero saturated fat. Saturated fat raises bad (LDL) cholesterol. Choose spreads with zero trans fat. Trans fat raises LDL cholesterol as well as decreases HDL (good) cholesterol. You need to remember that all fats are calorie-rich. Choose reduced-calorie spreads where possible then consume them in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet that promotes a healthy body weight. Look for spreads that contain plant stanol/sterol esters. A dose of 2 grams per day, usually found in approximately 2 tablespoons of spread, is known to lower LDL cholesterol by 6%-15%, with little or no change in HDL cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Be good to yourself! Follow sensible guidelines when sleecting these spreads.

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