Favorite For ‘Teen Mom 3′: Briana Dejesus

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Ever since MTV announced plans for a third installment of their hit show Teen Mom, fans have watched the new season of 16 and Pregnant with more intent, trying to figure out which girls could be picked for the spin-off. So far, only three episodes have aired, but it looks like there is a clear favorite.

Wetpaint polled fans a few weeks back, asking who they would like to see on TM3 between Mackenzie Douthit and Katie Yeager. Mackenzie had 46% of the vote, while Katie only had 22%, with the rest of the votes being split between “neither” and “both.” Those aren’t exactly landslide numbers, but more recently, the site polled fans on whether Briana Dejesus should be considered for the show and the majority seem to think “yes.”

Of all the fans polled, 75% want to see Briana on Teen Mom 3, while only 12% aren’t convinced. The other 11% think she is a “contender” for a spot on the show, but probably want to see more of the 16 and Pregnant season before they make their choices.

There are a couple of reasons why Briana Dejesus would make a good addition for the show. First and foremost, she is mature. Too often, MTV focuses more on the drama and less on the struggles. Briana is a young girl who is determined to make her dreams come true, despite having to work a little harder.

She is also raising baby Nova on her own with little to no help from Nova’s father. This is something that a lot of young girls with kids have to deal with and while this has been seen on the show in the past, it is an excellent lesson for teens.

Finally, Briana has a special relationship with her sister, Brittany. Although there was some tension between the two on Briana’s 16 and Pregnant episode, they are obviously close. Brittany was actually pregnant around the same time as her sister, but she opted to have an abortion. This is a decision that MTV doesn’t focus a lot of attention on, but they certainly should so that girls can understand the unique emotions that come along with every choice.

Would you like to see Briana Dejesus on Teen Mom 3?

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