Faye Resnick Contacts Police After Receiving Threats

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Faye Resnick caused a stir when she appeared on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside her friend Kyle Richards. Kyle had informed Faye about Brandi Glanville’s comment to Adrienne Maloof on a prior episode, and during a dinner party, Faye took it upon herself to attack Brandi in full-force.

Faye claimed that Brandi needed to call Adrienne and apologize and demanded to know why she hadn’t already. As typically happens in the world of reality, fans came up in arms and posted hateful messages to her on social media and also her blog. It got so bad that Bravo even opted to delete the blog days after it was posted. That rarely ever happens — so the online retaliation must have gotten out of hand.

Now, things have taken a turn for the worse and according to Faye, someone has been following her. TMZ reports that she called police over the weekend to report that someone was tailing her and even came onto her property where they left a note on her car. It sounds like an extremely scary ordeal, and what’s even more scary is that so far, police have no suspects. Poor Faye knows that someone is after her but with no clues as to who, she’s left fearing for her life.

Hopefully, Faye will remain safe and police will be able to capture whomever is doing this to her. Regardless of her actions on the show, no one deserves to be put in danger.

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