FBI Issues Warning for New Barbie Doll: Video Girl Barbie (Video)

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The FBI issued a warning about a Barbie doll that may be used in child pornography cases. The doll itself is not a danger, but the FBI warns if law enforcement is working a case, and they find this Barbie, the doll may hold clues to child porn.

Video Girl Barbie FBI Warning

Mattel’s Barbie doll is not the problem, but how she may be used may be. The doll contains two cameras that are video recorders. So imagine what may be recorded if a pedophile is in the room?

On a less ominous note, can you imagine your child walking around the house recording what you say and do? Some of your most private moments may be recorded on your child’s Barbie doll, and replayed at school.

What do you think of this? It seems harmless enough, but after the FBI expressed concerns, it may give you pause as to what you put under this year’s Christmas tree this year.

Video Barbie Doll, FBI Issues Warning for New Barbie doll

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