FBI Supplied Wrigley Field Fake Bomb in Plot Sting Operation

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The man arrested for plotting to plant a bomb near Wrigley Field was given a fake bomb by FBI agents, according to a government spokesperson. Posing as terror operatives is a fairly standard approach for agents investigating such cases.

The Wrigley Field bomb plot was allegedly planned by Sami Samir Hassoun, a Lebanese citizen living in Chicago. He was arraigned Monday for one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device.

Hassoun was arrested Sunday morning shortly after planting the fake explosive in a trash bin near Sluggers World Class Bar, a sports bar next to Wrigley Field, FBI Special Agent In Charge Robert Grant said. The Cubs were playing an away game that day, and the stadium was empty after a Dave Matthews Band concert the night before.

Foiling the Wrigley Field bomb plot with fake terror operatives is far from the first time the FBI has handled a case this way. Last year, a Jordanian national was arrested after he allegedly tried to detonate a fake bomb inside a Dallas skyscraper. Another man supplied by FBI agents tried to set off his fake explosives in a van outside a courthouse in Springfield, IL.

As for Sami Hassoun and his plot to bomb Wrigley Field, the FBI was tipped off by an informant about a year ago. He was acting alone according to Agent Grant. The fake operatives said they were from California and not affiliated with any group. Hassoun’s motives were not directly addressed in the press briefing, but he had been led to believe agents would give him money if he succeeded.

“He wanted to transform the city of Chicago, he wanted to make a statement and he wanted to replace the mayor of Chicago,” Grant said. “He was unhappy with the way the city was running. He was also unhappy with things that were happening in other parts of world.”

The Wrigley Field bomb plot was but one of several Sami Hassoun discussed with the operatives. He intended at first to stick to non-lethal methods of gaining attention, but his plans became more grandiose as he imagined being able to embarrass the mayor of Chicago. Hassoun also talked about bombing the Willis Tower and unleashing a virus on the city.

It comes up again and again. Criminals are stupid. Plotting to bomb Wrigley Field and not making sure your explosives are real is right up there with believing some unaffiliated people from California want to help your plot along because they care.

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