FDA Panel Endorses Contrave Weight Loss Drug For Approval – Will it Work?

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There may well be a new diet pill coming in the U.S. An FDA advisory panel supported Contrave for approval. The drug is a combination of naltrexone and bupropion mande by Orexigen, and it provided modest weight-loss in trials. The committee’s vote was 13-7 in favor of approval.

FDA panel endorses Contrave. May join Alli as diet drug to help obesity. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This year the FDA has looked at three new weight-loss drugs, and the first two Znexa and Lorgess were rejected. There are very few medications available to treat obesity. The fact that Contrave was endorsed is a good sign for the drug’s future. The FDA Contrave success is the first in a long time. It is important for the FDA to ensure the safety of the drugs before they are approved.

The positives about Contrave are that they do help patients lose weight and there are few side effects. Unfortunately, the weight loss achieved with Contrave was modest, and there are blood pressure concerns. The FDA is expected to make its final decision on the drug by January 31.

Contrave works by combining an antidepressant and an anti-addiction drug, which have both been used for decades. Together the hope is that the drugs will help with weight management. Right now there is only one drug on the market for obesity, which is Orlistat. There are very few options, and the main advice is diet and exercise, which is great and can help. However, there are obviously some people who need additional help. In some cases it’s not just a matter of will power. Hopefully this drug Contrave will help those in that group.

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