FELONY LETTER THEFT ALERT: For Genre Shorties week # 90 prompt, second entry

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Genre Shorties Prompt — Week 90

Kay’s out for a bit so I’ll cavalierly jump in here with a prompt.


Please tell me a story about your day without using the letter –> I <–

Every other vowel is permissible. No I!

(Why? Why NOT?)

Optionally — use one/some of the following: cheese, words, psycho, blue, lumpy.



Your story may be serious or lighthearted or as silly as you like so long as it is 100 or fewer words.

Post your stories to Genre Shorties. Please read other folks’ entries!



© 2011 BY David W

100 words

9th LETTER OF THE ALPHABET STOLEN from Gather authors.

Probably held hostage by the co-leader of the underground G. S. group.

Ten thousand dollars reward offered for the arrest of the psycho.

Last seen on board a blue boat, called, The Cheddar Cheese, and a lumpy sack on her

that may, or may not, hold stolen letters.

No tattoos, however she has one eye and never sleeps.

She may be flagged, often uses a large vocabulary of more than one syllable, and one hundred words or less.

The perpetrator may be armed and dangerous.

Take all safeguards and call 911.

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