Fergie and Josh Duhamel Ready for a Baby?

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Fergie’s professional career has blossomed in recent years, and her personal life–including her marriage to the incredibly handsome Josh Duhamel–is following close behind. As such, it was only a matter of time before she and Duhamel took the next step and added a third to their little family!

On the heels of the Billboard Music Award for Top Group/Duo that they received Sunday night, the Black Eyed Peas have decided to take some time off (and no, time off in this case does not mean that the group is disbanding forever!).

“We’re taking a break … getting more of that personal time,” Fergie told Hollyscoop in a recent interview. “Josh and I have gotten to spend a lot more time together this year than other years, which is great.”


So does the increased personal time mean that the singer and her actor hubby will be using the latter part of the break for maternity leave, with plans to start a family soon?

“Oh yeah, of course. Not right this second. Not pregnant, for the record. But, yeah,” Fergie said.

Soon seems like a good time, considering that she’s recently turned 36. While that isn’t “old” by anyone’s standards, it does start to be considered advanced maternal age, making the pregnancy riskier and the ability to stay up half the night bouncing a baby all that much harder as well!

How exciting! Perhaps there’ll be baby news by the end of the year!

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