Fergie Lego Dress a Hit or a Miss?

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Fergie wore a dress made with Legos at the Kids’ Choice Awards Saturday night. While the dress was really cool, was it a fashion forward style? The Black Eyed Peas opened the show, and almost everyone knows that they push the envelope when it comes to wardrobe. Most of the time, their outfits are very futuristic, and while many people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them, they do make a statement.Black Eyed Peas @ Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena 01

“It was built on a corset to give it structure, but all of the external stuff was made of Legos. The sheets were formed in hot water to create a structure around the body. And the rest was drilled and linked to create a Paco Rabbane-like vibe,” said Los Angeles designer Michael Schmidt.

It’s amazing to hear how intricate the process of making the dress was. Fergie totally rocked it, and it didn’t look like she lost any Legos! The dress was really cool, but is it the way of the future? Probably not. Fergie pulled it off because, well, because she’s Fergie! Did you think the Lego dress was cool?

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