Fergie Puts Pregnancy Rumors to Rest

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Rumors have been going around about Fergie since The Black Eyed Peas said that they were taking a break. She quickly shut those rumors down today.

The group said that they would be taking a break for 2012. Fans of Fergie can’t help but wonder why they won’t get to see her on the stage. Rumors quickly started that she might be pregnant.

She came out now saying that she is not pregnant for sure and that has nothing to do with the band taking off. She is married to Josh Duhamel and everyone hopes the two have babies soon, but that is not the case for now. Fergie said that children are not out of the question for this couple, but it is not happening right now.

Why do you think The Black Eyed Peas are taking a break? Will some of the group be branching out to do things on their own? Sound off in the comments section below.

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