Fergie Was Drunk, “Totally Broke,” Goes Public with Her Side of Story–But is Alcohol to Blame? (PHOTO)

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Airing tomorrow on Oprah, The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, will be giving her version of her recent scandal, the really sad one in which she sold out her ex, Prince Andrew, fourth in line to the Throne of England (and the father of her two daughters), for $40,000 in cash and a promised face-to-face with the prince for $700,000. “I haven’t faced the devil in the face, because I was in the gutter at the moment,” the Duchess of York, 50, admits on the Oprah Winfrey Show in an episode airing Tuesday. “I”m aware of the fact that I’ve been drinking, you know, that I was not in the right place.”

Oprah asks the Duchess if she had seen the tape of her alleged bribe. Did it surprise you to find out that the Duchess was having such issues? Given the fact that she has been known for great candidness ever since she took the spotlight with her marriage to Andrew, it won’t be shocking to hear her side of the story. Unfortunately, if you’ve seen the tape, you would know that the Duchess was a little bit drunk. What does this say about her present lifestyle anyway?

Did she get drunk to see herself through this embarassing situation? Does she drink on a regular basis and does she have a problem? It would be quite interesting if she told Oprah that her drinking began when she was a partying Sloane Ranger back in the day, hanging with the same crowd as Princess Diana did before she started dating Prince Charles? These rich and privileged kids from a tony part of London make clubbing and partying their mainstay and their “jobs” (usually given to them by friends of the family or their rich and successful parents) turn into second thoughts. Making these types of headlines is not abnormal for royals (remember Princess Stephanie from Monaco and her exploits?)

One hopes that Fergie doesn’t let this get in the way of the fairly decent run she has had in the publishing world, publishing the BUDGIE books about a little British helicopter’s helpful adventures as well as coffee table books on subjects concerning the highest orders of the British Royal Family. Oprah will certainly look to make Fergie a crying lump of British has-been but Sarah Ferguson has been through a lot, so I wouldn’t expect her to fall victim to Oprah’s whims without a long and bitter battle! The worst thing that can happen is that this ruins Andrew’s position as top British ambassador and leads to his being indicted on criminal charges. Then she will have to use all her charm and skill to get them out of that!

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