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leaving Manhattan
Seeing the lights
of Brooklyn and
Manhattan Bridges and
Crisscrossing boats on
a beautiful night.

The back of the ferry
Where the air is calm, not cold
Really nice.
cameras capturing;
the first evening
for me, truly spring
Nearly 60 degrees.
I've left my friend of
almost 30 years;
we were recollecting
9/11 —
a succinct name
for an event so large.
As large as lives lived
Under Gaza's violence
Tokyo's bombing
The rape of Nanking, or
Darfur's disaster?
Yet here
I am fully aware
of the memory of the impact,
And know not a tiny percentage
of what it means
to live for years
under such horror.

do I ever explain this to my mother
Seven years later
finally asked me
How it was.

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