Feud Alert! Drake, Kanye West Reportedly ‘Got Some Serious Beef’!

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Drake has reportedly feuded with everyone from Chris Brown to Ludacris to Future. Now Kanye West can be added to that list. MediaTakeOut.com is reporting that the two have been on the outs for months, because Yeezy thinks Drizzy “is STEALING HIS STYLE, and he doesn’t like it.”

“You’ll recall that Drake’s album Take Care, was supposed to come out on his BIRTHDAY October 24th – to coincide with the release of his OCTOBERS VERY OWN clothing line,” MTO reports. “Well MediaTakeOut.com’s insider claims that Kanye pulled a B*TCH MOVE – and got Drake’s album PUSHED BACK.”

“Take Care” was delayed for three weeks because Kayne wouldn’t clear some samples that were going to be on the album and they had to be removed. According to a “celebrity insider,” the move “likely cost Drake MILLIONS of dollars.” And now Kanye has “penned a new Drake DISS TRACK” for his next album.

Last year, Drake mentioned Kanye West as one of his influences, so it’s no surprise his style would be similar to Yeezy’s. Kanye seriously needs to get over himself — he’s feuded with pretty much everyone at some point, so it’s no surprise Drizzy’s in his crosshairs now too. What’s he going to do, punch Drake in the jaw like Chris Brown did? He’s just too old for this and needs to stick to what he does best.

What do you think? Do you think Kanye West is right that Drake is “stealing his style”? Do you think they should patch things up? Sound off in the comments!

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