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Fiction Readers is finally back-in-action!  And you are invited to participate in the Fiction Readers Online Book Club. Connect with Avon A fiction authors and learn about their new book releases.

This book is from my favorite genre, historical fiction, and I am thrilled to announce it as this month's Fiction Readers' pick.  I am also excited that I have managed to get 30 copies of A Silent Ocean Away to give away.  Give me a shout if you're interested in being one of the 30 members who gets to read and review this book.

Announcing… Fiction Readers' pick for October:

A Silent Ocean Awayby DeVa Gantt

A Silent Ocean Away is the first installment of a three part epic that unfolds around the lives of a 19th century family, the prosperous Duvoisins. Set in Richmond, Virginia and on the fictional Caribbean island Charmantes, A Silent Ocean Away offers an extraordinary blend of intrigue, conflict, adventure, romance, laughter, and tears.

The novel opens with Charmaine Ryan, a young woman of humble origins who has endured heartache.  Wishing to suppress her past, she escapes her unhappy life and travels to Charmantes, the Duvoisin's island dominion.  Soon, she is working in the opulent Duvoisin mansion and discovers even the privileged have crosses to bear. The commanding yet brooding patriarch, Frederic Duvoisin hides away in a guilt-ridden, self-imposed prison; his youthful wife, Colette, weathers his irascibility while keeping her own secrets-her life far different than she had planned; their cosseted twin daughters long for the return of their beloved brother, John, the heir apparent, yet family outcast.  Amidst this turmoil, Charmaine finds herself enraptured by Frederic's illegitimate son, Paul, a dashing womanizer-a man ten years Charmaine's senior.

With the exotic Caribbean island of Charmantes as a backdrop, DeVa Gantt has woven evocative story threads into a spellbinding tapestry teeming with fascinating characters, wrenching secrets, and passionate betrayals.

This is an amazing first novel with two more to come.  If you enjoy adventure, romance, and intrigue all played out by a fascinating mix of characters, then this book is for you.  Plus I can't wait for DeVa Gantt to join us and share their story!  DeVa is actually a writing sister duo, who published this all on their own before they were snatched up by Avon.

The Fiction Readers group has 30 copies of A Silent Ocean Away to provide to members for reviews. For a chance to receive a free book to write a review, please send a request to Fiction Readers Moderator with the the book title in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the message. Requests must be submitted by October 20, 2008. With your request, please indicate whether or not you would be interested in hosting an online book club discussion. Books can only be mailed within the United States.

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