Field of Money in Ohio Sparks Search for Owner

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Officers found a field of money in an Ohio highway median and are now trying to locate its owner. The field of money which totaled tens of thousands of dollars was discovered north of Columbus, Ohio. Somewhere out there is a very sad person missing a whole lot of cash but is that person a good guy, a bad guy, or a regular Joe?

According to Delaware’s Police Chief Russ Martin, a truly honest motorist called in the find. One of the officers who arrived shortly afterwards had stated there was so much cash that it appeared as if “the field was growing money.” It took several Ohio officers hours to gather up all of the cash on U.S. Route 23. The incident occurred on Monday.

Strangely one has to wonder why no one has reported the cash missing. What possible scenarios could there be? Seriously, think about it. It’s not like dropping a dollar or even a twenty. It’s losing “five figures” worth of cash. Police officers are hopeful someone will come forward with information about the field of money.

However, they didn’t state whether the money was real or counterfeit. If the money were real, someone would have reported it missing but if it’s all counterfeit then why would someone come forward? What do you think about Ohio’s latest mystery?


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