Fiery ‘Space Ball’ UFO Lands in Brazil (Video)

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Panicked villagers in a remote area of Northern Brazil took video of a “space ball” UFO which crashed into a grove of cashew trees on Wednesday. Luckily, no one was hurt.

The Brazilian military immediately took possession of the spherical, unidentified flying object, admitting publicly they have no idea what it is, nor the facilities to examine it properly. So what is it?

Whatever the UFO is, the villagers of Riacho dos Poços became suspicious of the space ball, even invoking Doomsday 2012 fears of death from the sky. As it turns out, such fears are well founded, even if this bit of weird news is not the result of some alien invasion.

It’s pretty obvious that the object is man-made, intended to endure the rigors of space flight and re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Its spherical shape appears to have helped the cylinder to land nearly intact, rather than being consumed in a fireball as it entered the atmosphere.

Space junk is becoming a widespread and more dangerous phenomenon as the proliferation of satellites orbiting the planet increases. Currently there are plans by some countries in the European Space Agency to meet a new need by launching spacecraft which will actually try to clean up some of the garbage floating hundreds of miles up.

It’s just a matter of time until one of these objects kills a human being or causes some real serious damage.

Here’s the video:

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