Fifty Shades Of Grey Author Shares Secret Fantasies

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is a huge hit with women and now, more men. Fifty Shades websites are popping up all over the internet, there are a huge number of ‘Christian Grey’ Twitter pages, and the ’50Shades/FiftyShades’ hashtags on Twitter are always busy. The author, E.L. James (a pen name) is currently touring the East Coast to the delight of fans. And, to the dismay of Brevard County, Florida residents waiting to checkout the books, the County Libraries have banned them! In other words, everywhere you go, there’s Fifty Shades!

So, how did this ‘middle-aged’ British gal make this happen? By now you know she had written the original Fifty Shades as Twilight Fan Fiction, although you’d never know that by reading them. Just about the only recognizable things are the main characters looks and mannerisms. How does one go from the ‘innocence’ of Twilight to the world of dominants and submissives? It seems, it was all in her head!

‘Erika’, the real name of E.L. James, told ABC News show, 20/20, “It’s all my fantasies in one thing.” Oh, my! Out of her mind and into America’s bedrooms, husbands all over the U.S. are thankful. “It’s a contemporary, romantic fiction, with quite a lot of sex in it, I think it’s the love story…I hope it’s because of the love story.” Most readers do agree, the love story is incredible…and the sex ain’t so bad, either!

Check out this clip of her 20/20 interview:

To see the full interview with Fifty Shades of Grey author, E.L. James, click HERE.

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