‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Magazine Debuts

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Can’t get enough of Fifty Shades of Grey? You’ve read all three books, maybe more than once, devouring every steamy sentence, maybe even acting out some of the scenes in your bedroom, and you’re still hungry for more?

Not to worry, all you newly awakened Anastasias. You don’t even have to wait for the much-anticipated, yet-to-be-filmed movie to come out. Now you can buy the magazine! Yes, it’s true: There is now a magazine inspired by the books and the incredible new craze for “mommy porn” that E.L. James’s best-selling erotic fiction trilogy has started. It’s called Fifty Shades of American Women Who Love the Book and Live the Life, and it just came out on Tuesday.

The cover looks much like any other typical women’s magazine, with a sultry, bare-backed woman holding a copy of the book, surrounded by Cosmo-like teaser captions about what’s inside. But unlike those other glossies such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour, in which sex is only one of the subjects, this one promises “80 pages of jump-starting sex secrets.” Some of the topics include: “Sexy scavenger hunts,” “Naughty book clubs,” and “Real-Life Anastasias Tell All.”

Hasn’t this all gone a bit too far? Sure, the books are a major hit, and they’ve supposedly gotten a lot of women more interested in trying new things to spice up their sex lives, which is great.

But is there really going to be enough of an audience to support a whole separate magazine? Are there really women out there who “live the life” of the books? (For one thing, how would they have time to do anything else, like go to work and take care of the kids?) What happens when the Fifty Shades of Grey fad dies down, as it inevitably will? You can only write so many articles about Christian and Ana and how to emulate their kinky erotic escapades.

Then again, the magazine claims that E.L. James is at work on a fourth Fifty Shades book, so who knows? It will be interesting to see if this magazine is still around in a year or if it reaches its climax too early. (Sorry!)

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