‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie: Alexander Skarsgard Reveals Why He’s the Perfect Christian Grey

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The seemingly interminable Fifty Shades of Grey casting wars continue. And although fans still favor Matt Bomer to play the charismatic and sadistic billionaire Christian Grey, Alexander Skarsgard does not agree with them. The True Blood star recently boasted that he is not only excited about playing the enigmatic Mr. Grey, but he’s also perfect for the role.

Although some True Blood fans seem to think Skarsgard is “too good” to play Christian (whatever that means), Alex doesn’t agree with them either. Au contraire, he admits he’s “definitely attracted to the movie.” And as for Fifty Shades of Grey’s requisite sex, sadism, and nude scenes, he claims he’s completely comfortable with them as well.

“I know it’s a very big, high-profile project, so of course it’s flattering that there are people who would like to see me do it,” Skarsgard revealed in a recent interview.

Although he admitted that he hasn’t read even a rudimentary script for the famous project, Alex is nevertheless chomping at the bit to win the coveted role–including its raw, kinky “sex scenes and …compromising positions.” Apparently, none of it turns him off.

“[Sex scenes] don’t bother me at all,” Skarsgard revealed. “I don’t find it uncomfortable or difficult at all. Relax, enjoy and have fun with it. That’s my trick.”

In fact, the vampire guy has another trick up his sleeve (or down his pants) that might make him even more comfortable with the idea of playing the fetishistically inclined Mr. Grey. He claims to have a basement “sex chamber” of his own. Sort of.

“That wouldn’t be an issue,” he said. “I have a sex chamber in my basement–my character on ‘True Blood’ [does]–so I’ve had training.”

So there you have it. Alexander Skarsgard has the one thing that all those other handsome Christian Grey contenders including Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, and even Justin Bieber do not possess–a basement sex chamber.

Who knew?

You go, kinky vampire guy.

Seriously, Alexander Skarsgard is to be commended for his open, honest, and non neo-puritanical attitude towards sex. It must be his Swedish upbringing. Hopefully, in that respect, he’ll never become Americanized.

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