‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie: Alexis Bledel, Ashley Greene New Anastasia Steele Frontrunners

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Although the seemingly interminable Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting wars are losing some of their fascination for fans, they nevertheless continue. According to a Books & Review poll, the new frontrunners for the Anastasia Steele role are Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel & the Twilight actress, Ashley Greene.

In addition to Bledel and Greene, the new poll included the Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, Alexandra Daddario, Felicity Jones, and that other Breaking Dawn actress—you know, the one who recently reconciled with What’s His Name. Kristen Stewart. Books & Review also included, for reasons known only to themselves, an unknown actress named Lauren Watson. Whoever she is. Hey, they said she was unknown.

Anyhow, the results were surprising. In first place was Alexis Bledel. That’s not too surprising. Bledel has been a big fan favorite for some time, and she’s appeared in several well done fan-made Fifty Shades of Grey trailers. She garnered 942 votes. Surprisingly, second place went to Ashley Greene. Of course, it wasn’t a close second. With a total of 373 votes, the second tier junior vampire girl lagged far behind Bledel, but she was second nevertheless. Kristen Stewart will be green with envy. And speaking of La Stewart, stealing third place was none other than the anonymous Lauren Watson. Watson’s comparatively paltry 253 votes left both Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart face down in the dust. That’s pretty appalling considering that the Anastasia Steele role was originally based on KStew’s Twilight character Bella Swan, and Emma Watson was once touted as the Ana Steele front runner. Oops.

Oh well, apparently, things change. And they may change again before the casting wars are done.

Stay tuned.

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