Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Henry Cavill Sports Christian’s Signature Tie—Gunning for Role Much?

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The Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting competition is heating up again, and the famous contenders for the coveted titular role of suave sadist Christian Grey are doing everything but jumping through hoops to draw attention to themselves. Sometime front runner, Ian Somerhalder has taken to making cryptic comments about 50 Shades movie rehearsals thereby implying he may already have the part. And another fan favorite, Superman star Henry Cavill has been photographed sporting the dapper Mr. Grey’s signature grey tie—twice. Is he subtly (or not so subtly) gunning for the Christian role? Probably. February 22, the “man of steel” suited up like E.L. James’ kinky antihero to escort his girlfriend, Gina Carano to the Great British Film Reception in Los Angeles. While hardly anyone knows what the reception was about, Just Jared and other fan sights were plastered with pics of Cavill sporting the signature Grey neck wear. Cavill’s tie was a ringer for the one appearing on the cover of James’ famous BDSM tome. You can see his photo here. Cavill wore an almost identical tie to a BAFTA pre-show event earlier this month. A fan site featuring photos of Cavill wearing the ties speculated that the actor was either “vying for the part, trying to let filmmakers know he’s interested or…using it as a PR trick to get the fans worked up into a frenzy.”

Actually Henry Cavill was probably trying to do both since he knew that there’d be plenty of paps snapping a plethora of pics at both events. The question is: Will his ploy work? Well, it certainly can’t hurt. While fans don’t cast movies, their input certainly means a lot—especially in the casting of a film as highly publicized as Fifty Shades of Grey. Plus, it’s always a good idea to show enthusiasm when competing for a job.

You go, Henry. And good luck.

Everybody else, stay tuned.

Note: Interestingly, Twilight Saga author, Stephenie Meyer, has often said that Henry Cavill was her image of the perfect Edward Cullen, the character on whom E.L. James based her character, the mysterious Christian Grey. Ouch. Poor Robert Pattinson. Do all the women in his life diss him?

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