‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie: Robert Pattinson Flops in New Christian Fan Polls

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The Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting wars go on and on. And where they’ll stop, nobody–not even author E.L.James–seems to know. However, the folks at Books & Review seem determined to find out. They’ve created a slew of online fan polls to determine who is the ultimate people’s choice to play the coveted roles of Anastasia Steele and her hot, perverted boyfriend, Christian Grey. A veritable Who’s Who of hot young actors’ names have popped up in these polls–Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Alex Skarsgaard, and Ryan Gosling. Of course, any list of male hotties would be woefully incomplete without the Twilight heart-throb, Robert Pattinson. And sure enough, Rob was included on every one of them. Alas, however, he also lost every one of them. And he lost big time. What happened?

Books & Review‘s first poll pitted the top five “huge fan favorites” for the Christian Grey role against each other., Gosling, Pattinson, Somerhalder, Bomer, and the Superman star, Henry Cavill. White Collar‘s Bomer won hands down with 1,752 votes. Somerhalder followed with 1,409 votes. And Cavill came in a not-so-super but still respectable third with 423 votes. Pattinson apparently lagged so far behind the competition that his tally of votes wasn’t even printed. Or perhaps he didn’t even get a single vote. Not even from Kristen Stewart? Ouch.

Oh well, RPattz probably did better in a second poll titled Battle of Top 3 Sexiest Vampire Contenders for Christian Grey. In that poll, his only two fellow contenders–The Vampire Diaries‘ Somerhalder, and True Blood‘s Skarsgaard. Somerhalder won with 527 votes. Skarsgaard’s 267 votes took second place. Rob was, again, dead last with a pitiful total of 126.

The third and possibly most interesting poll, pitted Pattinson against some competitors not included in any other polls. Along with Ryan Gosling, Rob’s competitors were Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles, Chris Brown, and The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley. They threw in Ryan Gosling again just for the heck of it. Alas, twihards, your RPattz did not do well. Once again he failed to even get mentioned. Jensen Ackles won the poll with 595 votes. Wesley was second with 356, and Ryan Gosling was a surprising third with 270.

So what happened to poor Robert Pattinson? Could it be that E.L. James’ disparaging remarks about the “weirdness” of Rob playing Christian Grey–a role based on his Twilight character, Edward Cullen, has influenced the fans’ decisions. Possibly.

What do you think?

Stay tuned. Same Fifty Shades of Grey time, same 50 Shades of Grey channel.

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