‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Wins Surprising Fans

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Steamy best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey has been collecting female fans like bees to honey, but a surprising new group of readers have jumped on the erotic bandwagon: men.

An erotic trilogy, particularly one that started as Twilight fan fiction doesn’t exactly scream male-oriented subject matter, but nonetheless men are reading it in droves and loving it. Some are reading out of sheer curiosity about the bondage-centered sex and others just to find out what the big deal is all about.

Not only are men finding the erotic books entertaining, but many are even claiming that reading Fifty Shades of Grey was life-changing. In this article on Today.com, one male reader, Jeremiah Wirth, admitted that reading the book was a life-changing event, “I became emotionally invested in the love story, especially from the female’s perspective. That was important to me, to put myself in Ana’s shoes. It was overwhelming, and I’ll never forget it.”

While the bondage elements of the story have raised some controversy with feminists, TV personality Dr. Oz sees the books as a gateway to openly discussing relationships and even helping marriages. With both men and women taking interest and reading, it’s easy to see how the books could open up a dialogue about sex lives and what is sometimes a tricky subject matter even among married couples. Though it’s hard to believe that a romance novel—that would likely have bared Fabio on its cover if it had been published twenty years ago—can really change lives, if it is actually helping people then kudos them and to author E L James.

Have you joined the leagues of Fifty Shades of Grey fans? If so has it changed your life?

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