Fight Breaks Out in Line for Casey Anthony Trial Tickets

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As you’re probably aware, the notorious Casey Anthony murder trial is well underway. The country is riveted to their TVs, computers or chosen media outlet for details regarding the case. People are aghast at some of the prosecution’s titillating, sordid details about Anthony’s behavior after her daughter “went missing.” They are getting teared up watching a home video of the little girl singing “You Are My Sunshine.” They question the tattoo Anthony bought that says “Bella Vita,” which is Beautiful Life in Italian. People are fascinated with the case and want to know who killed poor little Caylee.

Dozens of people are waiting in line overnight at the Orlando courthouse where the trial is taking place. Women seem to be especially affected by this case, but people from all walks of life are interested and follow the new details of the case each day.

Early this morning two men who were waiting in line to get into the Anthony trial started fighting over their places in line. Apparently, one cut in front of the other one, and all hell broke loose. Fists were flying and the police had to be called. This is how badly people want to see this case first hand, to be there when it happens, to see the mother who is on trial for killing her daughter. Sure, you can see it on your TV at home, but it’s not the same as being there. You can watch Casey and her parent’s reactions to everything that’s said, and are better able to form your own opinions of what really happened.

People just love a “who-done-it.” The trial that took place after the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby in 1932 had the country on the edge of their collective seats. Most adults followed O. J. Simpson’s murder trial, and probably remember where they were when they heard the results.

So, how about you? Are you watching the trial? Who do you think did it?

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