Filipino Official Shot Photo of His Killer During New Year’s Celebration

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A Filipino official shot photo of his killer. Councilman Reynaldo Dagsa actually snapped the picture of his killer right before he was shot. The photo actually shows a man pointing his gun at Dagsa. It was apparently taken just seconds before the official was shot. Perhaps this will lead to some justice in the case. Two people have already been arrested because of the photo, so that is a start.

The gunmanÂ’s face is somewhat blocked by the gun, but it still may have enough detail for police to use it to locate the Filipino officialÂ’s killer. Another part of the picture also shows a lookout. It is amazing as well as sad that this man took a picture of his killer right before he was shot. Unfortunately, Dagsa died from his wounds even though he was rushed to the hospital.

Dagsa’s family found the photo, and they gave it to police who were able to use it to identify the shooter and his accomplice who were arrested on Monday. What an amazing break in the case. It is too bad that this photo wasnÂ’t able to save DagsaÂ’s life though. The reason Dagsa was outside at the time was to celebrate and ring in the New Year with the revelers on the street near his home. How tragic that he ended up being shot.

Police even have a motive in the killing. The shooter was a car thief who was out of jail on bail. Dagsa had ordered the gunmanÂ’s arrest last year, and police believe that the murder was revenge over the arrest. Wow! That is extreme revenge. The killer may have gotten away if not for the Filipino official shot the photo seconds before the shooting because the sound of the gunshot was obscured by the fireworks that were going off in celebration of the New Year. Thankfully, the photo led police to make the arrests. Hopefully, justice will be served in the end. The car thief will face a much harsher sentence if murder is added to the charges.

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