FILM BITES – Quick Hits for September 17

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The 3rd week of September is when we traditionally start seeing some good movies after the post-Labor Day & early September toilet flushing. True to form, this weekend offers some very good films while there are still a few dogs to avoid.

EASY A – Surprisingly good teen high school comedy that is very strong in the first two acts, but loses a lot in the 3rd act. Still enough laughs, strong featured performances to make this a good date movie. (pg13)

THE TOWN – Who knew Ben Affleck would sustain himself as a good director? Believe it. A tough tale from a tough neighborhood (Charlestown), the film has tight action scenes, decent character development and just a few plot missteps. Overall, a very good movie. (R)

THE VIRGINITY HIT – File under “seemed like a good idea at the time.” Some teens decide to film a friend on his quest to become ‘a man’. Really? Well, maybe if you made us care about the characters, we’d be interested, but you didn’t so we don’t. (R)

ALPHA & OMEGA – You know this is a dog, or wolf, when a 3D kids movie comes out right after kids go back to school. The Hollywood toilet is still being flushed. Toss in the ‘premium’ 3D ticket price, this canine will only see profit when it hits DVD cut out bins. (PG)

DEVIL – Here is an example of why there should be more script writing classes in film school. This film is quite good for the first two acts. It sets things up nicely. Keeps you guessing and then falls down the elevator shaft in mediocrity & disappointment. (pg13)

In terms of the all-important weekend box office sweepstakes (yawn), THE TOWN will win with respectable just south of $20 million, THE DEVIL will, by virtue of horror genre standards will do around $14 million. The big surprise will be EASY A which will out perform industry expectations and do around $15 million The VIRGINITY HIT and ALPHA & OMEGA will tank. RESIDENT EVIL 3D will do what films like this always do in its second week, drop like a brick, probably nearly 70% of last week.

Picks to see: EASY A & THE TOWN


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