Film critic calls Tom Cruise a ‘spoiled brat’

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Film critic David Thomson isn’t shy about giving his honest opinion on movies – or on celebrities! His latest critique was on actor Tom Cruise, and it wasn’t very nice.

Actor Tom Cruise attends the Japanese premiere for the film Knight & Day in Tokyo, Japan, on September 28, 2010. UPI/Keizo Mori Photo via Newscom“Tom Cruise is the worst of the spoiled brats of Hollywood,” says Thomson (via Radar Online). The harsh words for Cruise are in Thomson’s new book, The New Biographical Dictionary of Film. Cruise wasn’t the only target in the book (Demi Moore and Ben Affleck got some nasty remarks as well), but people were surprised to hear about him the most.

There wasn’t much explanation given as to why Thomson chose to call Tom Cruise a spoiled brat, but some people can kind of see how he could be perceived that way. Of course celebrities have to take these comments in stride, and Cruise probably isn’t too upset hearing Thomson’s words. Do you think Cruise is a spoiled brat?

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