Film ratings are all messed up – PG13 mentions masturbation!

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I am a bit to old to have been interested in the Transformers when they were cartoons or toys, but I wanted to go see the movie.

So all 3 of us went, me, my wife and my almost 16 year old stepson.

A good film, which gives you exactly what you expect, action, big robots, clever computer graphics and a predictable ending.

The film was rated PG-13 and I assumed that was for the violence, the row in front of us was full of kids between 5 and 10 years old. Their mothers sat in front of them (I will do another post about movie goers behaviour).

The main female lead (love interest) wasn't wearing much at all, which doesn't bother me to much but I did notice the 10 year olds nudging each other.

Then there is a scene where the lead actors parents discuss masturbation with him!

It added nothing to the story line and as far as I could tell served no real purpose at all.

I am not someone who gets offended easily, but I just wonder if the film companies have learned how to push the ratings envelope a bit to far.

The film company must have known parents were going to take kids younger than 13 to see the film (and again I will share my thoughts on that another time), so did they really need to put that 10 second piece in there?

What purpose did it serve? 

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