FINALLY found two costumes for my boys….only spent $9 for BOTH

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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions on my last post for finding costumes that go together for a 4 year old boy and a 4 month old boy. You guys had some really cute suggestions. After a lot of thought, I decided that I liked the monkey and banana idea best of all. So, we set out to find the perfect costumes. Well, that was no easy task. Turns out, there are tons of baby monkey costumes, but not so many monkeys that will fit an almost 5 year old. I found bananas in both sizes, but only monkeys in infant sizes. I told my hubby that I wanted the baby to be the banana because it made more sense to me. He didn’t get it. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: the baby has to be the banana because he’s little

Hubby: So what does that mean?

Me: Picture it: a little monkey could never eat the banana as big as the 4 yr old, but a big monkey could eat a baby sized banana

Hubby: Ok, I get it, but I think that the baby monkey who finds a giant banana would be so happy!

Me: Funny, but no. The baby has to be the banana


So, that’s how that conversation went. We found the baby banana costume on clearance at a local store for only $9. But I didn’t want to buy it in case I couldn’t find the right monkey in the right size for my 4 year old since all sales are final. So I went home to look online. After searching for just the right monkey for a few hours with no luck, I decided to try amazon since I realized that I had quite a bit of gift cards sitting in my amazon account waiting to be used. Sure enough, I found the perfect monkey for my 4 year old:

The best part about finding this costume on Amazon is that I was able to use my available gift card balance and didn’t have to pay a dime! Plus I still have a balance left in my account! YIPPEE!

Here’s what the banana costume for my 4 month old looks like:


Now I’m super excited about Halloween. I know I’ll have the cutest little monkey and the cutest banana ever!

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