Finally, Proof That Beyonce Is Part of the Illuminati

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For years, Beyonce and her husband have been on the list of Illuminati members. There’s been proof of her association with this Masters of the Universe club in the past, but yesterday, she sealed the deal. The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is the name of a shadowy, spooky and ancient group that controls just about everything on Earth. They also happen to have an incredible amount of famous people within the ranks: Obama, the Pope, George Soros, the Queen, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and of course, Mrs. Jay-Z…er, Mrs. Carter. By now, you know how she proved it, by making their symbol, a triangle, and by standing in the center of the devil’s eye at the Superbowl halftime show. Symbolism…Ke$ha did in her ‘Die Young‘ video, Mercedes did with its Superbowl ad and countless other people who are trying to usher in the New World Order do it. Those in the know say that the Illuminati is trying to get everyone used to their symbols and techniques.

PhotobucketThankfully, there’s a Gawker bit to explain all of this in much better detail. However, they don’t go into Beyonce’s history of being a member, and there’s a lot there. For instance, daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born January 7, 2012. Her name is related to Illuminati and Satanism. It originated from Eulb Yvi, which means Lucifer’s daughter in Latin. There’s a Super PAC, ‘Elect a New Congress‘, that was smart enough to suggest boycotting the Superbowl because they feared this would happen. UGH! Alright, that’s enough. Okay, look, there’s a huge group of people who seriously believe this is all true! The thing is, if you read enough of it, you start to believe it! Do they take into account that Mrs. Carter’s hubby has a company called ‘Roc-A-Fella Records and his ‘Rocawear’ line, and that both use a diamond as its symbol?

As silly as it all sounds, there seems to be a big interest in the whole Illuminati thing by Jay-Z, Bey and many other rappers, hip hop artists, actors, Ron Paul fans, Alex Jones fans (you’re shocked, huh?) and Twitter users! Twitter blew up bigtime over the whole thing! There were tons of jokes about Bey putting out the lights in the stadium, but there were plenty of people tweeting “I KNEW it, too! Gawker links to a good story about hip hop artists fascination with the Illuminati (minus the incorrect stuff about Glenn Beck believing it, he doesn’t). If you’re already a conservative, one sure fire way to ensure you don’t fall into the clutches of the Illuminati Believers: They hate Israel. Good enough? Sorry, Bey, can’t join your secret club today, maybe next time (oh, and run for your life), Spooky!

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