‘Finding Bigfoot: Behind the Search’ Stretches the ‘Truth’

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Finding Bigfoot tacked on an extra show to its season with a Q&A seventh episode on Sunday that raised more questions than it answered. Despite the fact that the characters on the show insist the Sasquatch (or, more annoyingly, a “squatch”) actually exists. But repeating something over and over, in this case, doesn’t make it true.

The show is set at a famous “squatch” meeting place, Ike’s Pizza parlor in Springfield, Oregon. The audience looks like a bunch of regulars more interested in the blue plate special, but no matter, one skeptic managed to ask the big question: If the animal is real, why haven’t its bones ever been found?

Of course, like any good reality TV show (meaning, any bad reality TV show), the question is asked right up front before cutting to a splashy teaser “Coming Up” transition shot. And it’s the one query that wouldn’t be addressed until the last minute of the show – by being totally ignored!

The tired trick was used endlessly in this series, which suffered the unique cruelty of having its own stars claim their words and actions were edited out of context.

Which means, only the true, die-hard believers would not only buy into the nonsensical “evidence” produced, but adamantly refuse to believe anyone making some rather obvious points that prove Bigfoot probably does NOT exist.

The sheer grit and determination of the show’s cast members to push this garbage down millions of throats is admirable for its audacity. Unless it’s really because they’re just loony. Or unethically greedy. In any case, it’s not something that could possibly sustain more than one “season” of just seven episodes.

Or is it?

Animal Planet has already agreed to a 10-show second season and will make the announcement next week. Which gives the people behind this entertaining train wreck another chance to get it right.

Stay tuned…

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