~Finding My Chi~

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In the year of the snake

there is a shedding

of old layers while new ones

effortlessly take their place

Just so

you quietly slipped over me

without a rustling

like a silk mandarin dress

When I felt the need

to run away, trembling

there you were, constant

steady, determined

your arms firmly holding me

so I  couldn’t slowly slide back

into the ether of yesterday

You are

a myriad of unexpected sensations

stirring my new skin to life

A pure gossamer spun

from the very core of life

Your touch, the taste

of Pinot Noir and salt

your mouth makes me hungry

craving the sweet creme of brûlée

on my tongue

You hold my gaze

as I linger there

watching my Chi

my lips swollen with desire

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I am very passionate, sometimes too impulsive, a lover of life and all that it has to offer.

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