Fireball in the Sky Last Night: Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Illionois [PIC & VIDEO]

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The fireball in the sky last night was originally being reported as a meteor or a meteorite; however, the fireball in the sky is actually now being called either asteroid debris or rocket debris.

The fireball in the sky was amazing! People in five states say that they saw it for about 15 minutes at around the hour of 10 pm EST right after the announcement of American Idol being voted off. Hmm…maybe someone in the sky was not happy with America’s decision?

The five states that witnessed the amazing fireball in the sky were Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa and yes still Wisconsin as was originally reported. I sure wish I saw the fireball here in Texas. Maybe one…maybe one day! So leave me comments if you got to see it…I would love to here from an eye witness or two…

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