Fired Employee Wins Facebook Case: Negative Comments are Protected

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EMT Dawnmarie Souza’s Facebook remarks about her employer got her fired. After voicing negative opinions of the ambulance service she worked for, and losing her job because of them, the National Labor Relations Board stepped in and sued.

The government agreed that her comments were protected speech under federal labor laws, and the company agreed to change its restrictive policy banning workers from “disparaging the company or its supervisors.”

Fox News reports that the company will also change a policy banning employees from “depicting the company in any way over the Internet without permission.”

Jonathan Kreisberg, NLRB regional director says, “The fact that they agreed to revise their rules so that they’re not so overly restrictive of the rights of employees to discuss their terms and conditions with others and with their fellow employees is the most significant thing that comes out of this.”

A private financial settlement was reached, and it was noted that Souza will not be returning to work there. So, venting about your employer on Facebook seems to be safe for now, and you can be sure that companies all over the country will be revisiting their social networking policies because of the decision.

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