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I suppose the boys
Won't expect too much
On the first date; I
Mean, what is a girl

To do? So many
Things to consider,
So much for me to
Take into account,

What to watch out for
And where not to say
Too much or let a
Boy's keen hand get too

Familiar. (So
Mother said) and I
Guess she's knows best; but
Then, how far to go?

What to allow and
How to stop it if
It goes too far and
What if I like it

And don't know when to
Say no? (Daddy was
No help here, he just
Blushed and continued

To read his racing
Newspaper and then
Became deaf). So I
Suppose I'll know when,

I guess the boys will
Show; is that the time?
Will I be late? For
My very first date?

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