First day to a step forward, and a little advice

I wrote an article Friday letting you all know my husband, Eric got a new job.  Well this morning started that new job.  Last night I fixed his lunch and had it ready so all he had to do was grab it.  I as well made him some crystal light that he loves in a thermos. 

He tried calling me on first break but James and I was still in bed.  At noon he called me and told me how he was so happy.  He said the job isn’t really that hard but does have some heavy lifting, nothing he can’t handle though.  I am so proud of him he has tried so hard to get a job and get us of TANF.  While this is on a temporary job for a few months its still a step in that right direction.  I can’t help but think between this and his GED he is working on that he will find something permanent after this.

I think what lifts his spirits the most is what he said to me last night.  “I can handle anything as long as I am not working for $1.50 and hour any longer.”  Some of you may not understand that statement.  However, if any of you have been on TANF recently you know that they no longer allow you to just have it handed to you.  You are required to work 30 hours a week, and put in 5 job applications to get it.  Eric has done this ever since December even when we had no car.  I am very proud of him and all of this shows how determined he is.  Even more it shows how much he loves his family.  Tonight I am making him a special meal, steaks, baked potatos and I’m not quite sure what else.  He deserves that after his first hard day at work.

May I add one thing all of us SAHM mother’s know how hard it is to be a homemaker.  We all have a hard job as well no disagreement there.  But tonight when your husband walks in the door just kiss him and tell him thank you for working for your family.  You never know when that job won’t be there any longer even more they work very  hard to put that meal on your table, they deserve to hear a thank you once in awhile and know you love them.

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