First, Demi Moore Goes to Rehab; Now, Rumer Willis Goes Too?

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When Demi Moore was hospitalized, her fans were shocked. Then when Demi entered rehab, her fans breathed a sign of relief. Now, they may be signing with relief again since her partying daughter, Rumer Willis may be entering rehab as well. Hollywood Life is running a story about how “hard” Rumer’s been partying and how “unhealthy” her life has been.

Demi Moore 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Sexy Actress #03The 23-year-old actress is the oldest of Demi and Bruce Willis’ daughters. Since becoming an adult, she has also become Demi’s “wing woman.” The two were routinely spotted partying together. In fact, there’s speculation Rumer was present when Demi was rushed to the hospital after supposedly doing drugs. Needless to say, several insiders are worried she may be following her mother’s footsteps too closely.

Worse still seems to be Rumer’s callous take on what happened to Demi. It seems partying is more important than her own mother’s breakdown.

An insider said, “Rumer parties all the time. She’s out all night long and doesn’t seem upset over her mom’s breakdown. Her entire family is worried sick about her and they think she might need to go to rehab like Demi. Everyone wants to help her but she won’t listen. Rumer’s family and friends don’t want her to go down the same path as her mom. Rumer just doesn’t think she has a problem and she doesn’t want to be lectured. It’s like she hasn’t learned anything from what happened to Demi.”

Hollywood has a history of ruining celebrities and their families. There’s no reason to believe Demi Moore and Rumer Willis will be immune to the negative side effects of fame. Hopefully, their family and friends will be able to step in and positively guide them down the right path. Being a famous doesn’t last for everyone. It’s important to not squander that time by partying hard.

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