First Image From Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Video Hits Web

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The first image from Lady Gaga’s “Judas” music video has hit the web, and it looks like the songstress is taking a page from Madonna again, but this time she’s going after religion.

In the black and white photo still from the music video for “Judas,” Gaga is show wearing a billowing robe and looks as if she’s reaching for something (perhaps her lover Judas?).  She’s also sporting her pointy facial “bones” that she seems fond of lately. 

Lady Gaga at CES 2010

In the video Gaga will be playing Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ most controversial disciple (besides Judas, of course), a woman that might be a former prostitute or perhaps even Jesus’ wife.  Of course the use of religious figures in the video is already drawing comparisons to Madonna’s controversial “Like a Prayer” before it is even released, since Madonna kisses a Saint, develops stigmata, and is shown in front of burning crosses in the video.  Of course the use of Catholic imagery did not make “Like a Prayer” very popular with the church.  Similarly, the Catholic League is already unhappy with Gaga’s video (and no one has even seen it yet!).

However, Lady Gaga says that sheÂ’s a believer in the gospel, and it doesnÂ’t seem like sheÂ’s going to show Mary Magdalene having sex with Jesus or something extremely blasphemous like that — rather, it seems her Magdalene is in love with Judas (but torn between him and her devotion to Jesus).  Gaga tries to explain the meaning behind it by saying that Judas represents oppression and that the song is saying that “marvelous light” can come out of the darkness of oppression.  (It is the way the story in the Bible works — Christians believe that Judas had to betray Jesus in the story so that he could die on the cross for their sins). 

But of course Lady Gaga does try to shock by referring to Mary Magdalene/herself as a “fame hooker, prostitute wench” and she also refers to an “ear condom” (something a lot of Gaga haters would like to have anytime they hear one of her songs).

While “Judas” doesn’t sound as much like a Madonna song as “Born This Way,” which was called out for sounding like “Express Yourself,” there is a segment where Lady Gaga talks that sounds very similar to the part of “Vogue” where Madonna lists the names of old celebrities, and it’s going to be impossible for her video to avoid being compared to “Like a Prayer.”  It also sounds quite similar in parts to “Bad Romance.”

So is Lady Gaga copying Madonna a little too much?  Well, she was on the right track with “Poker Face,” but she might just be born to imitate.  

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