First Kiss

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First Kiss

you open wide the door to me

and lead me up the stairs

your looks amaze

as they always do

your smile is warm and wide and as

our conversation rolls

to this and that

I feel you lips form every word

deep down inside

where pleasure reigns

you grab you coat, we planned to go

but you linger longer

and I know

our lips now silent

but our hearts soft scream

this is so real – not like my dreams

you look at me with eyes ablaze

I’m trembling

in a prescient daze

they say “if nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained”

to prove this, I lean to you

I roll the dice intrepidly

and halfway there your lips meet mine

anticipating all along

this moment come

(I must admit here – so did I)

but, I never expected it to be

so perfect!

tho, I should have known

so often practice is the key

(I savor that thought happily)

I won’t forget any of this

the impulse, heat,

the tenderness -

the luscious longing lingering

of our first kiss

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