First Neumayer UFO Conspiracy Theory Gets Started (Video)

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The Neumayer UFO video, which started going viral on YouTube on Friday, has attracted a lot of attention on both sides of the “is it a weather balloon?” controversy.

Now a paranormal researcher with his own channel claims he was unable to relocate the unidentified flying object, implying that the crucial frames in the original sequence have been removed intentionally. What’s it all about?

The whole issue started on Friday after a video on YouTube showed a round object floating near Neumayer Station, an Antarctic scientific research station at the South Pole. Most dismissed it as a weather balloon, but none could explain why the object appeared in just a few frames.

YouTube paranormal wag, and Nibiru enthusiast, wowforreeel, decided to have a look and claims, in his own YouTube video, that when he attempted to locate the frames in question on the online, archival feed for the non-stop weather cam monitoring the building and surrounding landscape, the crucial few frames were missing.

Why? If the UFO is just a weather balloon, what’s the harm in allowing the public to make up its own mind?

If not, then there are any number of conspiracy theories which can be applied. The first of which, naturally, is that scientists have invented a secret weapon the public is not yet in the know about. All the way up to government collusion with an alien race.

Before the crucial frames were allegedly removed, paranormal space anomaly video artist Myunhauzen74 created one of his specialty productions, enhancing and analyzing the object in greater detail, by employing zoom shots and renderings in different color spectrums.

That video is attached here. When seen in this new light, the mysterious object looks less and less like a simple weather balloon.

Maybe there’s something to this burgeoning conspiracy theory after all.

Here’s the video:

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