First pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child revealed!

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The first pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child have been revealed – and yes, he does look just like his biological father. Mildred Baena had been keeping herself and her son, Joseph, out of the media and in hiding for weeks after the scandal broke out. However, she has done her first interview and allowed a photo of her son to be published.Arnold Schwarzenegger

“As for Mildred’s 13-year-old son Joseph, he apparently thought it was ‘cool’ when he found out. And he certainly bares a striking resemblance to his famous father,” Hollywood Life reports. Upon seeing the picture of Joseph, you can’t help but wonder if Maria Shriver really knew that her husband was his father. He actually looks more like Arnold than any of the four children Maria has with him!

The story can be looked at in a positive light because Joseph now knows the truth. He may be able to have a relationship with his real father, and he deserves that. He looks so adorable and like such a nice boy.

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