First Trailer for ‘The Hunger Games’ – Twilight, Schmilight… (Video)

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Heard of “The Hunger Games” yet? If not, no worries. If yes, then say goodbye to Bella and Edward and meet Katniss and Peeta. Forget vampires, werewolves and weird babies. This is about survival of the fittest. What tween can’t relate?

The video below is the first full length trailer for “The Hunger Games” which is set for a March 2012 release. That makes it a perfect antidote to “The Twilight Saga” franchise which is winding down with its fourth installment next week and a milked sequel set for next November.

But that story is about as far away from reality as it gets and the frenzy is already waning. Just ask any “Harry Potter” fan.

With a new action star in Jennifer Lawrence as the heroine, it’s time to get down to issues which confront all teens hungering for a more natural kind of romance. Literally.

Set in the not too distant future, Katniss Everdeen forsakes an anonymous life of poverty to represent her district in a game of survival with only one of 24 contestants living through the cruelty. And all for her younger sister, Primrose.

Talk about stepping up to counter bullyism, this is the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a look and get ready. This stuff blows “Twilight” way out of the water. And, oh yeah. While this movie was filming, LionsGate announced a sequel, set for November 2013.

Let “The Hunger Games” begin!

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