First Woman Beheaded in Mexican Cartel Drug War

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An undeclared war has been raging just across the border in Mexico for almost 2 years and the violence has risen to a new level, as the first woman reported killed in retaliation between drug cartels was found beheaded on a Juarez street.

According to FOX News, Mexican police discovered the body of an unidentified woman lying on a street in Mexico’s “Murder Capitol” with the decapitated head next to her corpse.

While more than 2,000 men involved in drug running to the United States have been murdered this year alone in Juarez, officials are claiming this is the first time a woman has been found slain in what has become the signature killing method between rival factions.

On Sunday, 60 Minutes re-ran a report about the largely ignored drug war being fought on the streets of Juarez, which is just across the border from the US. The report claims that this war is largely being ignored by US authorities, citing the violence as an internal matter for the Mexican government. But the reason for the mayhem seems to be turf battles being fought over lucrative drug routes into the US. The report called for the US government to investigate the violence before it spills across the border.

What do you think? Is the Mexican Cartel Drug War a threat to National Security?

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