Five Tony Scott Films Everyone Should See

Director Tony Scott will be missed. The 68-year-old talented director died early this morning after apparently committing suicide. Much of his film work was worthy of attention, but there are five of his films that everyone should see. Here they are.

Beverly Hills Cop II fulfilled a couple of dreams for the director. One was a chance for him to work with comedian Eddie Murphy. The other was a shot at making a comedic action picture. All of the stars aligned with the movie and turned it into a bona fide hit that ultimately earned nearly $300 million dollars across the world.

Scott used what he learned from Top Gun to make another military-based mega hit–Crimson Tide. The picture, starring Denzel Washington, capitalized on the world’s paranoia about nuclear attack and grossed $157 million. Meanwhile the pairing of Scott and Washington proved a good one. The two went on to make another four films together. Those were Deja Vu, Man on Fire, The Taking of Pelham 123 and Unstoppable.

Enemy of the State exposed something the government would have preferred no one learned; that they can spy on Americans anytime they so choose. Will Smith was already a box office star when Scott picked him to lead Enemy of the State. However, with the director’s tutelage, Smith became more than an action hero. He became a nuanced leading man. The film became one of Scott’s biggest successes with movie critics.

True Romance, while not a box office success, making a mere $12 million, the film got decent reviews with a handful of critics. However, the movie sparked heavy debate over its ever-escalating raw violence. It also introduced a script by a new talent–Quentin Tarantino–who went on to build his own movie empire.

Top Gun took a young Tom Cruise and turned him into a household name. It also became the film for which Tony Scott is best known. Decades later, Top Gun remains one of the most watched and beloved films of the talented director. The movie performed well at the box office, grossing an impressive $353 million throughout the world. Finally, it secured more projects between Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer. Most went on to become box office successes as well.

While many of Scott’s films are memorable, the five above are among his most notable. Which is your favorite or do you prefer another of the director’s films? If so, which one is it? Sound off below.

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