Flamingos at Zoo Miami

The other day my family went to Zoo Miami, and we had a great time. It was steaming hot, in fact it was so hot that we ended up buying slush ice knowing that an ice cream would melt immediately….but so did the slush ice. I wanted to share some of the beautiful flamingos with all of you, I love their majestic appearance.

The flamingos at Zoo Miami are Caribbean Flamingos, they live in lagoons, and they often stand on one leg while resting. Caribbean Flamingos usually only lay one white egg (very rarely two), and both parents incubate the eggs for about 27 – 31 days.











Last year we tried to find flamingos in the wild, but we were unsuccessful in our quest, so we were delighted to see these beautiful creatures at the zoo.


You can read more about Zoo Miami here.

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